New Routes

New Climbing Routes in Logan Cayon

New Routes in the guide book

There are some routes in the area that have recently been done. Most of these are in the Causy area but some in Logan as well.

If you have new info to share please contact me at 801.245.9031. Casey

In Causy the following routes have been done:

-Steppin’ Wolfs – 14a/b – The route on the Far left side of the wall @ The Demon Wall was red pointed by Pete Lowe. He is calling it 14a/b.

-The Bloodless Corpse – 13c – @ Vampire Cave was redpointed by Anthony. He found beta to skip the 6′ dyno.

-Fade to Black – 14a/b – The route listed as the Black Streak @ the Serendipity Wall was done by Pete Lowe.

-New route in Vampire cave. It starts at Maltido Duende and finishes out right on the Vampire Anchor, 14a – done by Anthony.

In Logan Canyon

-China Cave – There is a new route on the far left side of the cave. It has recently been bloted and not redpointed. So don’t confuse it with Trench. Also a new finish just past Flood Fest. I guess it is 12d.

-Tree Frog Right – 14a – This is super short and powerful. Anthony & Pete did it this spring. Anthony got the F.A. He later returned to try to boulder the route, fell off of the top and exploded his ankle. That was almost a cool thing.

-There are a few new routes in Logan. There is a new route on the right side of Moulin Land that is a 5.10 (a?). I guess it needs on meduim size nut to protect it safely. I haven’t done this yet. It’s just what I am told

-There are two new route right at the mouth of the Canyon. They are right of the road next the the big pipe right on the first turn going into the canyon.

-There are two routes right at the mouth of the canyon.  The right route is a 5.6 (ish) and the left route is 5.10 (a?). Let me know what you guys think about these routes! Also thanks to Lance Dickey for putting them up and letting us all know about them.

-Hobbit Caves has a new route. It is on the super cool tower on the far left side of the wall. The route is called The Gobblin and goes at 10c. Props to Chad Christensen & Jared Stapp for putting it up.

-Also there is a new route (project) going up just to the left of Rodent Ranch. It is suppose to be the in 12+ range. Bolted buy Ben Ovison.
There is a new route

-At the Hardware Wall: There are two parts of the wall, left and right (see book). On the left side there is a new route on the far right. So the most right of the left half. And it is 13a Redneck Rampage. Trent did this route.

Has anybody been to the wall by Franklin yet? I know that there have been quite a few routes bolted up there.

Keep it up boys.