Last Chance Falls is Still in! There is still ice somewhere in Utah.

Last Chance Falls is Still in! There is still ice somewhere in Utah.

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16 Mar 2009 — No Comments

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last-chance-falls-march14Hey guys, I just got this email from Jim:


If anyone you know or you still have a desire to ice climb this late in the spring as I did last week (although Archland was looking really nice in the sun on Saturday), Last Chance Falls still offers that opportunity. I just thought I would tell you since you have many contacts in the climbing world. I will post something on and later.

The last 30 feet or so is still a nice pillar. The center rib was a bit porous and hollow but to the left or right it was very satisfying. I have attached a poor photo taken from the base on my cellphone. The lower part has about 6 feet of ice on the right and then there is the center section ramp that is covered with snow from the Mar 9 storm and probably a new snow avi.

You can drive to the turnout in a 4-wheel drive, although I parked on Logan Canyon Highway and skied in. It is a slog up to the Falls but I think it might always be that way this time of year. I had knee deep snow most of the way and deeper at times. The avi path below the Falls looks definitely like a new snow avi came down after the Mar 9 storm.

Lastly, for various reasons from not feeling good to other factors, I left a Black Diamond express ice screw, about 13 cm, a sling and associated biners screwed into the upper pillar if someone wants to go in and grab it. I would probably be willing to pay someone $15-20 for their time or they could just keep it for themselves.

I am so busy the next 2 -3 weeks that I will not make it back in there until after that.

Maybe next fall-winter we could climb the Falls together.


Jim Burns
Cell: 435-760-1843

thanks Jim!

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