Logan Canyon clean up day

Logan Canyon clean up day

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04 Jun 2009 — 1 Comment

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Here is a message from Scott. If anyone can make it they really should try.

Fellow climbing enthusiasts,

The Northern Utah Climbers’ Coalition is hosting a trash clean-up day in Logan Canyon on Saturday, June 27. The day will kick off at 9:00 am at First Dam with coffee and juice, followed by groups venturing into the canyon to collect as much trash as we can. The clean-up day we hosted last fall resulted in almost 150 pounds of garbage being removed from the canyon, though unfortunately this is an effort we must make regularly to keep our climbing, camping, and other recreation areas clean and beautiful. Once we are finished with the trash clean-up we encourage everyone to hit the crags and spend the rest of the day climbing and enjoying our freshly cleaned canyon!

This first event of the 2009 climbing season will also mark the beginning of NUCC’s first organized membership drive. Membership and the collection of dues is a critical part of our work in keeping climbing areas in Northern Utah accessible. We will follow the tiered membership structure used by the Access Fund, and ask members to contribute what they can to support our work. A more detailed membership dues schedule will be developed in the coming days and you will be notified as soon as one is decided upon. In the meantime, we would be more than happy to hear feedback from you regarding this. We are in the process of becoming a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization, which will allow us to better compete for grant money for tasks such as anchor and bolt/hanger replacement. The establishment of an annual members list and collection of dues is a part of this effort. The naming of a founding Board of Directors is also a part of becoming a nonprofit group. In the future such positions will be voted upon by members, but as we have not yet had an official memership drive the following five people have stepped up to guide the formation of NUCC as an official nonprofit organization, and will act in the capacity of directors for the first term of service:

Trevor Barrett
Matt Shannon
Greta Langenheim
Dan Galliher
Scott Hoffman

Opportunities to contribute will become available as committees are formed to address issues such as organization finances, media development, community outreach, and project development. Maintaining NUCC will result from work by all active members. More information about organization bylaws, articles of incorporation, and voting scedules will be provided at our first members’ meeting to be held after our membership drive is completed.

So please mark your calendars and join us on the 27th! As always, feedback is needed and appreciated!


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  1. Jon Kerkmann

    07 Jan 2011 @ 2:43 am

    someone has spay painted I love rock climbing in purple on 2nd practice wall and also Stop in red with a circle around it.

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